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Bukidnon Typica 3 processing methods set

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    This Bukidnon Typica set allows you to enjoy Typica coffee from Bukidnon processed in 3 different ways: natural, honey and washed.

    It comes with a postcard and an eco-bag.

    You can learn more about coffee processing reading our blog post Turning coffee cherries into beans.

  • Additional Information

    Bukidnon, the land of mountains in the island of Mindanao has fertile soil and the appropriate climate for coffee to thrive.

    Within the arabica species, typica coffees are among the oldest and finest. But are also susceptible to diseases.

    Coffee trees produce fruit, i.e., the coffee cherry, which usually contains 2 seeds or beans inside.

    There are 3 commonly used methods to process the coffee fruit into green coffee beans to be roasted: natural, honey and washed. 

    This set includes

    • ・Bukidnon Typica Natural (Producer: BMMPC. Notes: Dried Fruits・Dark chocolate.)
    • ・Bukidnon Typica Honey ( Producer: MILALITTRA. Notes:Peanuts・Dark chocolate)
    • ・Bukidnon Typica Washed (Producer: Ephemera Traders. Notes: Chocolate & floral)
    • ・Postcard
    • ・Eco-bag

    Learn more about coffee processing reading Turning coffee cherries into beans.

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